The Q-Collar For Repeated Hits

Ian Nichols @ 2019-10-25 10:41:33 -0400

The research behind the Q-Collar illustrates its protective benefits from repeated hits over the course of a sports season—specifically in football, soccer and hockey. 

Athletes underwent brain scans both before and after their seasons in several clinical studies, with roughly half of these athletes playing their season with the Q-Collar and the other half without.  In athletes who played without the Q-Collar, the scans showed significant changes to their brain’s white matter over the course of the season.  Alternatively, those who played with the Q-Collar all season did not show significant structural changes to their brain.  This research supports the efficacy of the Q-Collar as an added layer of protection for the repeated, hits that athletes receive hundreds of times during a season of contact sports—helmeted and non-helmeted alike.   

 Check out this short video of Dr. Julian Bailes speaking about the risk of these "sub-concussive” hits.  We also encourage you to review any/all of the clinical trials that support the safety and efficacy of the Q-Collar at