The Evolution of Protective Equipment

Ian Nichols @ 2020-01-30 14:20:30 -0500


One of the things we love about sports is how they continue to evolve, innovate, and push forward. This evolution is most apparent in the equipment athletes use to protect themselves against the dangers inherent in all contact sports. We wanted to share this very interesting article on how equipment has evolved over the last 100 years since the birth of the NFL in the 1920s. The commentary highlights how far equipment has come in the last century, “From their heads to their toes, the players looks through the decades have changed so much, it’s tough to believe it’s all the same sport.”

And it’s not just football. It wasn’t that long ago that hockey goalies didn’t wear masks and their pads were half the size of today’s but probably twice as heavy!

At Q30, we’re committed to finding new ways to help further protect athletes and help enhance the sports they play. For several years, we’ve been researching and developing the Q-Collar, an externally worn device designed to help protect athletes’ brains against repeated hits over the course of a season. Recognizing the limitations of the protection even the best helmets can provide against brain injuries, the inspiration behind the Q-Collar was to look inside the body for a new solution that can provide an added layer of protection for athletes of all contact sports.  Our research shows the protective benefits of the Q-Collar against sports-related impacts. To learn more on the science and research behind the Q-Collar, please click here.

We’re proud to be part of the continued equipment evolution in sports and to be doing our part in helping to make sports safer and healthier for Canadian athletes.