Questions About the Q-Collar?

Ian Nichols @ 2020-06-10 13:08:45 -0400


Because the Q-Collar is such a novel and innovative product, we get a lot of questions about what it’s like to use it and how it performs.  We thought the best way to answer these types of questions was to share feedback from actual Q-Collar customers on the experience of owning and wearing the product. 

In a survey of over 50 Q-Collar customers, we were extremely pleased to see the actual product experience exceeded their ingoing expectations…by a lot:

In addition to this research of actual owners, we hear pretty frequently from our customers and wanted to share some of these actual reviews:

Overall Q-Collar Benefits:

 “My children wear the Q-Collar at every opportunity.. whatever sport they’re playing, whatever sport they attend. To have the ability to somehow help protect the brain, as a Mom, I’m all in.”

     -    Kasia M., Football Mom


 “We went to a presentation, read all the literature, asked a lot of questions and my boys tried the collars. They won’t play without them now, absolutely love the Q-Collar!”

     -    Colleen G., Football Mom


 My 15 year old son played both o-line and d-line for his football team so we decided to try the Q-Collar. When asked what he thinks of it his first response is he loves it.

     -    Crystal M., Football Mom


 Adjusting to the Collar / Comfort

 “The first time I tried the Q-Collar was in a practice, and it felt kind of awkward. But after the first practice, and the second practice, and the third practice, it becomes like a part of you. It’s awesome.”

     -    CJ Vincent, Regina Rams Football WR


 “As a novice bull rider (age 15) I wear a lot of gear. A helmet with a face mask and a flak jacket. I really appreciate how the collar doesn’t get in the way. It fits comfortably but you can feel the difference when you put it on.”

     -    Cody Fitzpatrick, Novice Bull-Rider


 “Great product my 13 year-old doesn’t even know he has it on.”

     -    Mike C., Football/Basketball Dad


“Great product, great customer service. My son wears the q-collar not a problem. It is light weight and no one knows he has it on as it fits nicely under his neck guard.”

     -    Travis O., Hockey Dad


 Future of Sports Protection

“Hockey is rough. I can't just rely just on my helmet anymore. The Q-Collar gives me extra protection I need. I forget I even have it on.”

     -    Liam Harvey, Novice Hockey Player


"It's about safety, it's about longevity. We all talk about player safety, we all talk about brain health and this is just another step. It's really unique and if it's going to help me with my safety and brain health, I'm going to listen up."

     -    Adam Bighill, WPG Blue Bombers (CFL)


“These are the small things that we can do that science is backing that's helping with the head trauma for athletes and if we can save the game small bits at a time, I want to support that."

     -    Trevor Harris, Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)


These are just some of the testimonials we’ve received from athletes and parents. Many people have different reasons and motivations to wear the Q-Collar, but it’s clear that most who try the innovative device find it performs as expected, if not better, and most concerns about comfort and wear-ability are forgotten. If you’d like to read more, or try your own Q-Collar, please visit