Q-Collar Tolerability and Wearability Testing: Elite Athlete Studies

November 22, 2019

Q-Collar Tolerability and Wearability Testing: Elite Athlete Studies

The CCHIRB approved a tolerability and wear-ability study that has and will allow Q30 and our researchers to gather critical feedback from high intensity athletes who have decided to participate in the study. 

During the current NFL season, at least six starting players are participating in the study (two tight ends, two linebackers, one center and one safety), as well as 13 Canadian Football League players.  Two of these participants will be wearing the Q-Collar for their third season. The feedback that they have provided will be analyzed and may help Q30 and its engineers develop a better device. 

In early 2018, similar studies were conducted at several Division I NCAA schools (including University of Florida and Notre Dame).  In addition, two race car drivers have also participated in the study.  Through these studies, the participants have reported universally that the Q-Collar is comfortable to wear and does not interfere with their performance, movement, endurance, etc.



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