Absence Makes Our Hearts Grow Fonder

Ian Nichols @ 2020-04-09 16:32:24 -0400

Charles Schulz, the legendary cartoonist and creator of the “Peanuts" series coined the phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder...”  

These days, with the sports we love to play and watch on hold across Canada and the rest of the world, we appreciate Schulz's sentiment in a whole new light. The longer we’re without sports, the more we appreciate and miss them.

Through countless social media videos, it has been inspiring to see the resourcefulness of athletes of all ages and levels making the most of our new stay at home routines by turning houses and backyards into gyms, basketball courts, football fields and even hockey rinks.  We applaud the creativity and spirit of these new “home warrior” athletes making the most of a difficult situation.

But, what even the most creative at home athletic event can’t re-create is what makes sports so special—camaraderie.  Being part of something bigger than yourself. Teamwork.  Locker room antics. Playing in front of those passionate home team fans. Even, the hard practices, the long bus rides and playing in front of those passionate away team fans are things we miss in these times.

Our mission at Q30, and with the Q-Collar, is to help athletes stay in the game by playing the sports they love more safely.  What we love about sports most is that they bring us together.  Playing as one.  Cheering as one. 

And, while we don’t know exactly when, and exactly what they’ll look like when they do return, we do know that sports will be back and with them, the special moments and memories they create.

Like you, we are eagerly looking forward to the days when we get back out on those fields, courts and rinks with our teammates, coaches, trainers, and fans to do what we love and what brings us so much joy.  Absence from sports, has indeed made our hearts grow even fonder for them. 

Play Smart.  Play Safe.